A Force for Nature

Environmental Remediation Contractor in Groveport, OH


We do just what our name states. We provide expertise in the environmental and civil contracting industry centered around soil and water quality. With decades of experience we offer the very best in project estimating, field execution and project management to allow for on time and on budget results. We understand that every site has different risks, so you can count on us to pay close attention to details of safety, scope and service from the beginning to the end of the project.


Cincinnati, Ohio

Our efforts are helping keep the Lick Run Greenway Construction well underway in Cincinnati, Ohio. Construction of the $90 million Lick Run Greenway began in July 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2020. ERC is working on top of the 1.5 mile-long underground stormwater conveyance box and creating a one-mile-long meandering creek that extends from the headwaters park to a pond east of Harrison Avenue. Before creating the pond, ERC performed the in-situ treatment on over 29,000 tons of hazardous lead impacted soils located in the footprint of the pond. Once the lead impacted soil was rendered non-hazardous it was removed from the site and taken to a local Subtitle D landfill for disposal.