Village of Madison, Ohio

Client: Madison Village

Design Engineer: CT Consultants

Completed: 2017

The Village of Madison, Ohio hired ERC to repair and restore a portion of Arcola Creek. The project consisted of grading and sloping, installing rock structures and features, installing log structures and root wads. Another large component of this project was to replace an existing culvert pipe with a new concrete precast box culvert. Once the project was completed, ERC furnished and planted trees, shrubs, live stakes and seeded with erosion control blanket and turf reinforcement matting.


  • Erosion Control & Construction Access/Entrance
  • Excavation & Reshaping of meandering stream channel
  • Import and placement of rock vanes, step pools, rock riffles, rock channel protection
  • Installation of log sills, log vanes and root wads
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, bare roots, live stakes, and branch layering
  • Seeding and mulching