Contaminated Groundwater Treatment

Environmental Remediation Contractor offers an array of treatment systems to remediate contaminated groundwater. We use Passive Groundwater Treatment Systems to permit groundwater to flow through specific treatment media. After installation, groundwater contaminants interact with the installed groundwater treatment medium. Through this medium, contaminants are either degraded, precipitated or absorbed on-site, or in situ, depending on the type of contaminant and treatment system.

Additionally, we use Groundwater Recovery Systems to remove contaminated groundwater by drawing groundwater from wells and treating the groundwater for contaminated soil, water, air, or gas. ERC can also use dual-phase vacuum extraction (DPVE) to treat both polluted groundwater and soil vapors.

Lastly, ERC offers Pump and Treat Systems for remediating groundwater contaminated with chemicals such as industrial solvents, metals, or petroleum/fuel oils. To complete the process, we pump groundwater from an extraction well within the contaminated groundwater to an above-ground treatment system. The polluted groundwater will pass through an air stripper and/or granular activated carbon prior to discharge into a permitted sewer or waterway. Depending on the contaminant and volume the treatment system can be designed specifically for the need.

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