Brownfield remediation and brownfield redevelopment will be booming in the coming years. Environmental Remediation Contractor is well equipped to perform environmental remediation work in Ohio Brownfields and we are very excited that the State of Ohio is releasing grants for the Brownfield Remediation Program. This Grant is going a long way toward cleaning Ohio’s Brownfield Sites.

You can follow the conversation about how Governor Mike DeWine’s Brownfield Remediation Program is moving forward by checking out Ohio Brownfields. You can also apply for the grant directly by going to the State’s website or click this Reply Now link and go to the Brownfield Remediation Program page and fill out your remediation grant application. The first round of Ohio Brownfield Remediation Program recipients is HERE! The second round of the Remediation Program can be found here in the middle of Governor Mike DeWine’s page about the Brownfield Remediation Program Grant Awards.

The Greater Ohio Policy Center just released a white paper analyzing the brownfield remediation grant dollars awarded. Please check out the White Paper on the remediation grant funding.

Brownfield Remediation Program:

Conference committee added new section 122.6511, creating the brownfield remediation program (BRP) to award grants, of up to 75% of a project’s total cost, for the remediation of brownfield sites. The eligibility and administration are up to the Department of Development, which must adopt rules, including determining project and sponsor eligibility and program administration. Development must have the BRP operational and accepting applications within 90 days of the effective date (by approximately December 27th). For the first year following appropriation of $350M for the BRP, $1M is reserved for projects in each of Ohio’s 88 counties (leaving $262M available at-large, to be awarded to qualifying projects on a first-come, first-served basis).

About Environmental Remediation Contractor

We started Environmental Remediation Contractor to work in this specific area over a decade ago. Our team is trained and ready to put boots on the ground and shovels in brownfields. Environmental Remediation Contractor is uniquely positioned with all of the training for our supervisors, operators, and laborers along with the construction equipment necessary to cleanup a Brownfield. Check out some of our other services for Brownfield Remediation here; Environmental Remediation Services.

The Brownfield Program will revitalize the State of Ohio and position us to move forward. Ohio’s counties and communities will have access to grant dollars that tackle brownfields that blight communities and put a halt to ongoing development efforts. Make sure to check out the tools and resources for those seeking to remediate and redevelop brownfields in Ohio at the Ohio Brownfields link above.

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Here is one of the best headlines from The Columbus Dispatch; State budget includes $500M to clean up Ohio’s brownfield sites, demolish vacant buildings.

Questions and Answers about Brownfields and Environmental Remediation

What is a Brownfield? A brownfield is any previously developed land that is not currently in use that may be potentially contaminated. The term brownfield is also used to describe land previously used for industrial or commercial purposes with known or suspected pollution including soil contamination due to hazardous waste.

What is Environmental Remediation? Environmental remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soilgroundwatersediment, or surface waterRemedial action is generally subject to an array of regulatory requirements, and may also be based on assessments of human health and ecological risks where no legislative standards exist, or where standards are advisory.