design-buildClient:  Pontiac West 

Design Engineer:  Hull & Associates

Completed:  2018

Hired as the General Contractor, Environmental Remediation Contractor installed a sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) in a 533,000 square-foot active facility. Hull & Associates designed the SSDS to address the chemicals of concern (COC) detected in the soil beneath the existing building slab. This system included trenching, installing 1,157′ of the horizontal pipe, vacuum blowers, 10 sub-slab extraction points, installation of vertical extraction riser connections to each extraction point and 186′ of above ground piping connecting the extraction risers to the vacuum blowers.


  • Sub-slab depressurization system installation
    (Extraction Points & Risers)
  • Reinforced concrete installation
  • Sub-slab soils materials management, off-site transportation and disposal
  • Groundwater/residual water management, removal and disposal
  • Overhead extraction piping installation
  • Concrete slab joint and crack sealing
  • SSDS equipment enclosure unit installation
  • Protective bollards installation