ERC aims to restore the natural state and functionality of a stream or river system in support of biodiversity, recreation, flood management and landscape development. Improved health may be indicated by expanded habitat for diverse species (e.g. fish, aquatic insects, other wildlife) and reduced stream bank erosion. Enhancements may also include improved water quality (i.e. reduction of pollutant levels and increase of dissolved oxygen levels) and achieving a self-sustaining, functional flow regime in the stream system that does not require periodic human intervention, such as dredging or construction of flood control structures. Stream restoration projects can also yield increased property values in adjacent areas.

Techniques involve Channel Modification, cross vanes, j-hooks, imbricated rip rap, step pools, installation and planting of; root wads, brush layering, live branches, live stakes, bare roots, shrubs, trees.

Stream or river restorations generally include; bank stabilization, erosion control, channel modification, thalweg realignment, floodplain widening, habitat creation, fish shelves, increased sinuosity, etc. All in the goal to restore and improve water quality in the watershed.