Nutrient Reduction & Removal

Harmful algal blooms, which are sometimes called HAB, are a major environmental problem in Ohio and most of the 50 states. Across the world toxic harmful algal blooms are known as red tides, blue-green algae or cyanobacteria. Harmful algal blooms (HAB) have severe impacts on our environment and our health.

Micro Nutrient Pollutants and Macro Nutrient Pollutants often enter waters like ditches along roads, creeks and streams around farmland and then flow into larger water bodies like lakes and rivers. We’ve seen Harmful Algal Bloom problems at Ohio's Grand Lake St. Mary's in Celina, Ohio and Ohio's great lake, Lake Erie, as well as along the Ohio river.

Environmental Remediation Contractor has been actively working on this micro nutrient and macro nutrient runoff problem for years and are installing a proven filter technology in the field to reduce Phosphorus and Nitrogen runoff. We utilize a publicly available software that guides us to better Nutrient Reduction and Removal through Dissolved Reactive Phosphorous (DRP) Filtering. 

The Nutrient Reduction and Removal problem is:

 Too many nutrients/nutrient overload

  Non-point source regulation

  Western Lake Erie basin has huge algal blooms

  650 miles of Ohio river are contaminated

  Dissolved Reactive Phosphorous versus total Phosphorus and the balance of Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Current Best Management Practices (BMP) are not enough. Planting cover crops and adding filter strips are a great start, but much more needs done. Conventional BMP does little for Dissolved Phosphorous. Soils built up with “legacy” Phosphorous will continue to release dissolved phosphorous for years. Read more about Ohio's Harmful Algal Blooms here

Our team is ready, we can help with Nutrient Reduction AND Removal

  Nutrient Reduction Filter system design

  Design-build on site

  Construction and management of the projects

  We provide the actual boots on the ground to make all of this happen