Environmental General Contractor

Environmental General Contracting is what we do, stream restoration, and contaminated soil restoration is what we perform. Environmental Remediation Contractor is an Environmental General Contractor based in Columbus, Ohio. Our decades of environmental remediation management experience has helped us become the environmental specialist in management or environmental remediation projects multimillion dollars in size. Our environmental team's greatest strength allows for expert field work and knowledge. As environmental specialists we build long lasting relationships providing our customers with great service, job site safety and professional integrity. We promise we will always keep you in the loop and tell you like it is. Always transparent, nothing hidden.

Environmental contractor services

Ground Water Recovery Systems (GWR)

GWR Systems draw contaminated ground water from wells, treates the contaminated water, using processes including; microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, or hydrogen peroxide. The remediated contaminated water can then be safely discharged into a storm sewer or sanitary sewer.

Interceptor Trenches

Interceptor Trenches are installed up gradient to a cut off wall and/or intercepts; the interceptor trench collects and channels the migrating contaminate for treatment.

Soil Treatment And Soil Stabilization

Soil Treatment and Soil Stabilization is the process by which heavy metals are rendered non-hazardous through the introduction of chemicals and/or biological agents using either an in situ or ex situ process.

Cut Off Walls

Cut off walls are designed and installed in the earth to control and prevent the migration of hazardous contaminants. Common types include:

  • Soil Bentonite Slurry Walls
  • Sheet Pile Cut off Walls
  • Reactive Barrier Walls
Emergency Response

We provide trained and experienced emergency response professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year This team is dispatched to spill sites from service centers in Columbus. We operate our own specialized emergency response equipment and materials to handle spills of many types (including mercury). We manage your emergency spills in a safe, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Storage Tank Removal And Closure

Removal of underground (UST) or above ground (AST) storage tanks, oil water separators or grease traps.

Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (SVE)

SVE Systems are a series of wells connected to conduit pipes that are manifolded together and operated by a treatment system. The SVE system creates a vacuum to retrieve harmful vapors from ground wells. The system is designed to remove hazardous gasses and vapors. The vapors are stripped down and released safely into the ambient air.

Utility and Sitework

The installation of utilities and sitework items such as water, sanitary, storm sewer and earthmoving when the work must be installed in or around contaminated soils.

Wetlands (Eco-Restoration)

We restore streams, creeks and rivers back to a natural state.We work with numerous non profit, public and private sectors to create a sustainble infrastructure. Stream restoration. restoring wetlands, expanding wetlands, relocating existing wetlands or creating new wetlands as governed and regulated by the Department of Natural Resources. Few companies have the experience we do working with water.

Well Injection Treatment

Well injection treatment consists of pumping designer chemicals and/or biological treatments directly into wells to remediate the contaminated soil and ground water. Well injection treatment can also help change the speed or reverse the flow of ground water, allowing to extract the contaminated water quicker and more efficiently.

Industrial Services

Drum removal, packing and disposal

Fixed facility storage tank service and repairs

Universal waste removal and disposal

Industrial cleaning of fixed facilities

Tank cleaning and inspection

Landfill/Earth Moving

Landfill capping / Landfill closure / Landfill clean up

Gas extraction systems

Leachate Collection systems

HDPE liner and pipe installations

Vacuum Truck

Environemental Remediation Contractor owns and operates a fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks that remove liquids, sludges and/or solids from jpb sites. Our vacuum trucks can transport waste directly to appropriate disposal facilities or transfer waste to vacuum boxes or other containers for temporary storage.

Our vacuum trucks provide onsite services including vacuum enhanced recovery (dual phase extraction), product transfers, dewatering and support for various industrial service, emergency response and storage tank management needs.

Dig and Haul

Dig & Haul means excavating, loading, hauling and disposing of contaminated solid waste. Waste can then be disposed at approved landfills according to constituent type and saturation.


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